Saturday, January 24, 2015

Whistleblowing On Las Vegas Nevada Parole And Probation Officer Michael VanDyke

          Read how Southern Nevada Parole and Probation Officer Michael David VanDyke made actually innocent, poor, Hispanic-American, Steven Crain a political prisoner.

          A political prisoner is someone imprisoned because they have opposed or criticized the government responsible.

          I've also posted the news video on youtube.

          What happens when a Southern Nevada Parole and Probation Officer goes bad? You report him.  That is what I (Harold Krieg) am doing.  I am exercising my rights under the 1st Amendment of the United States Constitution – Freedom of Speech, by whistle-blowing on Southern Nevada Parole and Probation Officer Michael VanDyke.  Officer Michael VanDyke’s office address is Nevada Department of Public Safety Division of Parole & Probation 215 East Bonanza Road, Las Vegas, Nevada 89101.  Officer VanDyke’s office phone numbers are 702-486-3627 and 702-486-4000.  Essentially what Officer Michael VanDyke did was commit violation under the color of law (42 USC 14141 and NRS 197.200).
          You have to realize that Officer VanDyke did what I say below, because he saw that Hispanic Catholic Steven Crain was writing a book about all the injustices that he (Steven) has had and continues to endure over nearly 15 years, and that his (VanDyke) name and other Nevada and Las Vegas, and Clark County government, police and other officials were going to named in Steven’s book in a negative way.  And Officer Michael VanDyke thought one way to prevent Steven from continuing to write this book, would be to arrest Steven.  One could consider what Southern Nevada Parole & Probation Officer Michael VanDyke did to Steven Crain was retaliation (18 USC 1513).
          Officer Michael VanDyke admits to seeing Steven Crain’s 2 large white boards (4’ by 5’) containing the names of many Nevada Parole & Probation Officers, including VanDyke, Sgt Eckert, Sgt. Carreo, etc.  The boards also included tentative titles of the book that Steven Crain was working on, as well as Chapter Titles, other Nevada, Clark County, and Las Vegas Officials, which television talk shows and television news programs, Steven had planned on contacting, etc.
          Certainly, by arresting and jailing Steven Crain, on September 4, 2014, Nevada Parole and Probation Officer Michael VanDyke violated Steven Crain’s Constitutional rights under the 1st Amendment – Freedom of speech.   By arresting and incarcerating Steven Crain, Officer VanDyke also made Steven Crain a political prisoner.  See Clark County District Court Case 00C166673.
          Case 00C166673 is a case that stems from, actually innocent, Steven Crain being falsely charged, wrongfully prosecuted for a crime (alleged attempted lewdness with a minor).  Regina Hyman filed the charges against Steven Crain was because Steven Crain refused to baby sit for Regina Hyman’s daughters for free.  Regina Hyman even admitted that she has a history of making similar accusations against other men (both in Nevada and California) if men don’t give her things for free, and/or do things for free for her.  In fact Prosecutors (Clark County District Attorney and the Nevada Attorney General) gave Regina Hyman immunity from her (Regina) multitude of drug charges so that Regina and her then minor age, now adult daughter LaGina would provide perjured testimony against Steven.  Truth be told, there was no evidence proving Steven committed any crime, just hearsay.  Additionally, it must be noted that when a Las Vegas pediatric doctor examined LaGina Hyman, that doctor said LaGina really had vaginitis.  Las Vegas police officers demand that doctor not to say vaginitis, since the cops admitted that they (Clark County District Attorney and Las Vegas police) would not have a case against Steven Crain. 
          Prior to Officer Michael VanDyke being assigned to be the Parole and Probation Officer to my best friend (Steven Crain), Steven Crain had several other Las Vegas, Nevada Parole and Probation Officers who, for years, did not make it an issue that Steven Crain did not go to counseling, nor did they make it an issue that he could not afford to pay the monthly  probation fees (since Steven was rarely able to get a job, because of his wrongfully coerced/pressured felon conviction – Alford Plea).  When Steven was able to pay the fees, he did. Yet, in order to make a name for himself, and for other selfish and bad reasons, Officer VanDyke had Steven Crain arrested on September 4, 2014.
          Regarding counseling – Officer VanDyke ordered Steven Crain to call up counselors, from a list of 9, and go there.  The problem is that these counselors, all financially contracted with the State of Nevada Parole and Probation office, have a multi step program and in order to advance from Step 1 to Step 2, you must admit to the crime, even though you are actually innocent.  This is a violation of the 5th of the United States Constitution.  If you do not admit to the crime, despite the fact you are actually innocent, you are considered to be uncooperative/non-compliant.  This policy is practiced by RedRock Psychological Health as well as John Pacult, as well as Alyson Shainker.  To anyone who is reading this, would you admit to a crime you did not commit.  RedRock Psychological Health’s office is located at 6402 South McLeod, Suite 5, Las Vegas, Nevada, and their phone number is 702-222-3275.
          Twice Steven Crain told Officer VanDyke that none of the 9 counseling centers wanted Steven as a client.  The first was via telephone.  The second was at the next at-home monthly visit, Officer VanDyke did at Steven’s apartment, I (Harold) was there to witness that conversation.  Those 2 took place around early to mid June of 2014.  When Steven told Officer Van that none of the counselors wanted Steven as a client, Officer Michael VanDyke told Steven, in front of me (Harold) “Then just forget about the counseling."  What is interesting to note is that on September 4, 2014, Officer Michael VanDyke arrested Steven Crain for failing to comply with the counseling provision, even though Officer VanDyke twice told Steven Crain to forget about counseling.
          When a company/person violates someone’s rights under the United States Constitution, that company/person therefore wars against the United States.  Thus that company/person thereby commits a treasonous act/treason.  Yet, to this day, no one has criminally charged, arrested, prosecuted Officer Michael VanDyke for treason.  Obviously, Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt, Clark Could District Attorney Steven Wolfson, or whom ever has jurisdiction does not have the balls to right the horrific wrong doings of Officer Michael VanDyke.  Or do they believe that officers are above the law.

          It call also be said that since Clark County, Nevada District Attorney Steven Wolfson's and Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt's offices are maliciously prosecuting actually innocent, poor, Hispanic, Steven Crain for his (Crain) writing a tell-all book that exposes and criticizes Nevada's government, Las Vegas Metropolitan Policemen, Clark County District Attorney's office, Clark County Public Defender's office, Nevada Parole and Probation, etc. that they (Wolfson and Laxalt) have and continue to make Steven Crain a political prisoner.
           Regarding – probation fees – See Nevada Revised Statute (NRS) 213.1076(2).
          On the morning of May 6, 2014, Steven Crain went to the Las Vegas branch of the Nevada Parole and Probation to see his current gestapo-like Parole Officer Michael VanDyke, for his monthly appointment.  My best friend Steven Crain was told by Officer VanDyke to write a letter to obtain a meeting with the Nevada Parole Board in order to not have to go through counseling won’t have to take any more polygraph tests, be released from the provision of lifetime supervision, and to waive fees.  Officer Van Dyke instructed Steven to address it to Officer Michael VanDyke, and that Officer VanDyke said he (VanDyke) would then forward the letter to the Nevada Parole Board.  None of the 6 letters were ever forwarded to the Parole Board, instead Officer VanDyke kept crossing out parts of the letters and having Steven re-type them.  Officer VanDyke figured Steven would get tired of re-typing the letters, then going back to give Officer VanDyke the revised letter, that Steven would just give up.  People who know Steven know he doesn’t give up, especially when injustice is being done to him.  In fact, after Steven gave Officer VanDyke the last letter, Officer VanDyke told Steven the he (VanDyke) would not give the Parole Board the letter, since it, in VanDyke’s mind, would be a waste of the Parole Board’s time. 
          It needs to be noted that obviously the Nevada Parole Board did not think it would be a waste of their time, as Nevada Parole and Probation Officer Michael VanDyke had told Steven Crain it was, since the Nevada Parole Board had set up an Appeal Hearing for Steven Crain.  Since, Officer VanDyke purposely would not send the Nevada Parole Board those letter, I (Harold Krieg) found the email address of the Nevada Parole Board, and emailed them the letters, and I (Harold) explained to the Nevada Parole Board that despite the fact the Officer VanDyke had told Steven Crain that he (VanDyke) would forward the letters, Officer VanDyke intentionally never did.
          Also on May 6, 2014, Officer VanDyke told Steven that in order to get off lifetime supervision, Steven has to apply via the Nevada Parole Board, not the Courts, since Nevada Parole and Probation does not have to listen to the Courts, since the Courts have no authority/jurisdiction, and that in Officer VanDyke’s mind/opinion Nevada Parole and Probation is more powerful than any Courts.  Officer VanDyke’s statement is a clear contradiction to NRS 176.0931(3).
          Nevada Parole Officer Michael VanDyke even went as far as to tell RedRock Psychological Center (RRPH) therapist Alyson Shainker to lie and say that Steven Crain said he (Steven had threatened to physically go after the alleged victim (LaGina) and her mother (Regina).  Anyone who knows Steven knows he is not the type who would go after someone, in the way Ms. Shainker said.  Steven Crain was writing a book, and both Regina and LaGina’s names were mentioned, as were specific people from the Clark County District Attorney’s office, Nevada Attorney General’s office, Clark County Judges, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Detectives, John Pacult, Diane Williams, Nevada Parole and Probation (including but not limited to Officer Michael VanDyke) etc.  Ms. Shainker perjured statements both to Officer VanDyke and the Court are a violation of NRS 199.130.  Office Michael VanDyke knew there was no strong criminal case against Steven and that is why he (VanDyke) got Ms. Shainker to lie by telling her (Shainker) that if she (Shainker) doesn’t say that Steven Crain told her (Shainker) that he (Steven) was going to physically go after (Regina and LaGina) Nevada Parole and Probation and the Prosecutors would have no case against Steven Crain.

          During a late September, 2014, court hearing, regarding Steven Crain, Alyson Shanker, while under oath, stated in court, that it was Officer Michael VanDyke who forced her to lie, and the truth is that she never felt threatened by Steven Crain.  Ms. Shanker also stated that when she would not write a witness statement against Steven Crain, Officer Michael David VanDyke took it upon himself to write one and signed Alyson Shanker's name to it.
          Additionally when Officer VanDyke read Valerie’s (RRPH) first witness statement and instructed Valerie to make changes, using certain word/phrases to make it seem that Steven Crain was threatening and so the charges against Steven Crain would have a better chance of getting Steven Crain convicted.  It must be remembered that when Officer VanDyke asked Steven Crain to write to the Nevada Parole Board, it was Officer VanDyke who kept telling Steven Crain to re-write the letters on 5 different times.
          When Steven Crain went to his monthly appointment, on the morning of September 4, 2014, to see Officer Michael VanDyke at the Las Vegas branch of the Nevada Parole and Probation, Steven was arrested for violating his lifetime supervision conditions (not paying fees and not going to counseling).  Both of which is what Steven Crain listed in his May 6, 2014, May 19, 2014, and May 29, 2014 letters, that had Officer VanDyke did what he promised to do, Steven would no longer have to do that.  See Las Vegas Regional Justice Court Case No. 14F11754X.
          At the Justice Court Case Hearing on September 22, 2014, Office Michael VanDyke committed perjury (NRS 199.145), when VanDyke said he only saw the last letter, Steven wrote.  Officer VanDyke’s statement is a lie, since there are copies of the letters, showing the x-ing out of various parts of the letters, that Officer VanDyke made.  Officer VanDyke also committed perjury when in court he (VanDyke) said that Steven’s Petition for Habeas Corpus case was closed.  It was not.  See United States District Court – District of Nevada Case No. 2:14-cv-01056-GMN-NJK and 9th Circuit Court of Appeals Case No. 14-72940.
          Case No. 14F11754X has been transferred to Clark County District Court (Case No. C-14-301073-1) Department 9 – Judge Jennifer Togliatti.  Steven Crain’s jury trial has been pushed back from originally January 5, 2015, to March 16, 2015..  Steven’s attorney is Steven Altig.  Mr. Altig’s address is 601 South 7th Street, Las Vegas, Nevada 89101, and his phone number is 702-474-7827.  Mr. Altig is extremely thorough, leaves no stone unturned, and in the courtroom, Mr. Altig is a tiger.
           Even though Steven Crain and his attorney invoked the 60 day rule, Steven’s jury trial starts on January 5, 2015.  Officer Michael VanDyke’s lies, vendetta, and retaliatory actions, and perjury have destroyed Steven’s recent Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years plans with his 21 year old daughter.  And since Steven had just started a new job in June 2014, Officer VanDyke retaliation (18 USC 1513) against Steven has caused Steven to lose his (Steven) job, which Steven loved and worked hard at.  Do you know how hard it is to get a job when, even though you are actually innocent and waiting for your Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus to be granted, you have to check the “yes” box when asked are you are felon.
          Steven Crain’s Clark County District Court Case (No. 14F11754X) jury trial, which was to originally start January 5, 2015, then postponed until March 16, 2015, postponed to June 15, 2015, postponed to June 29, 2015, and now a new court date may be for mid July 2015, all because Nevada Parole & Probation Officer Michael VanDyke is purposely withholding pertinent documents, regarding Steven Crain.  Despite the fact that Clark County Deputy District Attorney Stacy Kollins asking Officer VanDyke to turn over Steven Crain’s entire file, Officer VanDyke only turned over about 700 pages of the file, about 10 days before the March 5, 2015 court calendar call date.  Nevada Parole & Probation Officer Michael VanDyke is not being punished for his disobeying these request, it is Steven Crain who is unjustly being held in Clark County Detention Center for another 3 months.  Based on the goings on, Officer Michael VanDyke is allowed to be above the law.  And what if by the June 2015 court date Officer VanDyke still doesn’t hand over all the documents, it will be Steven Crain who has to suffer.
          This is the second time Nevada Parole and Probation Officers had arrested Steven.  The first was in 2006, when, even though Steven had passed 3 polygraph tests (proving Steven did not do what they arrested him for in the year 2000), the Nevada Parole and Probation appointed psych counselors (John Pacult and Diane Williams) said Steven was being non-compliant because Steven would not admit to a crime he did not commit .  Steven’s attorney then was Steven Wolfson (current Clark County District Attorney). That 2006 case was dismissed since then private attorney Steven Wolfson argued that it is not a crime for Steven to not want to admit to a crime he (Steven) did not commit.

          When any of the psych counselors demanded that Steven Crain admit to a crime Steven did not commit, said counselors are violating Steven Crain's rights under the 5th Amendment of the United States Constitution.  Another example of an act of treason.
          Here it is over 8 years later and Nevada Parole and Probation and the Psychology counselors (paid by Nevada Parole and Probation) are doing the same thing again to my best friend Steven Crain.
          It pains me and Steven’s 21 year old daughter that Steven is currently incarcerated in Clark County Detention Center and will be until the end of his trial, and has been since September 4, 2014, all because of the lies, vendetta, vindictiveness, retaliation of Nevada Parole and Probation Officer Michael VanDyke against Steven Crain.
          Because of all of these unmerited and unjustified delays, Steven’s daughter’s life is stressed, depressed, filled with anxiety. This is all thanks to Nevada Parole & Probation Officer Michael VanDyke and the Clark County District Attorney’s office, or as I call them, the Injustice League.
          Because of the injustice, Steven’s daughter can only see (via Skype type computer screen) Steve, about twice a month, when I take her to the Clark County Detention Center.  Additionally, since April is Steven’s birth month, Steve and his daughter won’t be able to be together to celebrate.  And since Steve’s daughter’s birth month is June, she and Steve will not be able to celebrate together, since Steve’s jury trial starts later in the fall of 2015
          Officer VanDyke is also obstructing justice, against Steven Crain, since Proper Person Steven Crain has a pending Habeas Corpus case, and because of Officer VanDyke having Steven incarcerated, Steven is unable to file updated informational documents, nor is Steven able to contact attorneys to represent him, in his Habeas Corpus case.  Since Steven is currently incarcerated, and Steven could not file documents, Steven’s Habeas Corpus case has been denied.  Officer Michael VanDyke retaliatory actions, that caused Steven Crain to be incarcerated, and thereby Steven Crain cannot file an appeal in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals and/or petition to redress the court, are unconstitutional, since Officer VanDyke violated Steven Crain's rights under the 1st Amendment.  Another act of treason.
          One has to wonder how many others, that are on parole and probation, and assigned to Officer Michael VanDyke, have been wronged by Officer VanDyke.

          I recently found out that Michael D. VanDyke is a Sargeant in the United States Army National Guard.  I wonder if any of his military buddies know the truth about Michael VanDyke.  I, even, wonder if the United States Army National Guard know the truth about Michael VanDyke.  If they don't, they will know soon, since I am contacting them and I will expose Michael VanDyke for the violator that he is.

          Officer Michael VanDyke earns over $76,000.00 a year as a Nevada Parole and Probation Officer.  Since he is also in the Army National Guard, and gets paid by Uncle Sam, I wonder if an when Michael VanDyke needs time off from being a Probation Officer so he could do assignments for the Army, does he still get paid by Nevada Parole & Probation.
          Clearly, what Nevada Parole and Probation Officer Michael VanDyke, Nevada Parole and Probation, Nevada DPS, and RedRock Psychological Health Center have done to Steven Crain is a violation of 18 USC 241 – Conspiracy against rights.
          If you are bothered about Officer Michael VanDyke’s wrong-doings then contact Lieutenant Leslie “Jack” Peeler, Nevada Department of Public Safety (DPS), Office of Professional Responsibility,, Work:  775-687-8389, Cell:  775-720-1629.  Lieutenant Peeler called me (Harold) on December 10, 2014, at 1:46 p.m., to say that they are investigating this matter and Officer VanDyke.  That is just DPS’s way of saying they are doing something, when in fact they are not.
          On January 21, 2015, I (Harold) did receive a letter (dated January 8, 2015) from Lieutenant C. Dreyer  DPS/Division of Parole and Probation Southern Command.  The letter states “This letter acknowledges receipt of your complainant involving Officer VanDyke, an employee of the Department of Public Safety, Division of Parole and Probation.  Your complaint was investigated, and the results of the investigation and any disciplinary actions are confidential and not subject to public record.  The Division of Parole and Probation chain of command will be notified of the results of this investigation….”  One has to question why DPS won’t divulge the outcome of this investigation.  Is DPS hiding something?  One has to wonder how many others have filed grievances about Officer Michael VanDyke.  Despite the fact that I (Harold) did contact Lieutenant Dreyer, via telephone, asking him politely what specifically the results were, he told me it was private.  So much for the FOIA (Freedom Of Information Act).

          By allowing Nevada Parole and Probation Officer Michael VanDyke to still be working as a Department of Public Safety, Nevada Parole and Probation Officer, Michael VanDyke, according to a report was paid (total pay and benefits) in 2014, $76,341.38.  Worse yet, is that Officer Michael VanDyke is still on the job, and being paid despite committing multitudes of violations/illegalities.
          By allowing Nevada Parole and Probation Officer Michael VanDyke to do this, the Nevada Department of Parole and Probation is in violation of 42 USC 14141 and NRS 197.200.
          The more people know about what they could unjustly experience, the less that these injustices will happen

          In the movie “Network” a reporter told everyone to stick their heads out a window and yell, “I’m not going to take this anymore.”  I want each of you readers to do the same.  Also contact the Nevada State Senators and Assemblypersons, in your district, and tell them the same.

          I call upon the USDOJ, Advocates and activists for civil rights, Celebrities, Pertinent government officials and agencies, Television and newspaper reporters/anchors, and everyone else to spread the news of what horrible injustices that is being done to my best friend Steven Crain.
          I (Harold Krieg) just found out, via the internet, is that there may be a reason why the Clark County District Attorney’s Office, including but not limited to Clark County D. A. Steven Wolfson and Clark County Deputy D. A. Stacy Kollins are maliciously prosecuting Steven Crain, it is because there is a television reality show in development and being negotiated, currently titled Vegas D. A.  The potential deal that D. A. Steven Wolfson has with Michael Yudin (MY Entertainment Production Company) will focus on how safe it is to live in Las Vegas and Clark County, Nevada, and how the Clark County D. A.’s office will prosecute with vengeance, despite the fact that the D. A.’s office does not have a case against the alleged criminal.  One has to wonder if the D. A.’s office is maliciously prosecuting Steven Crain to do it as an episode for Vegas D. A.?

          On the morning of April 3, 2015, before 3 Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Officers pounded on my apartment door, they went to the apartment manager's office and told the manager, the apartment building owner, and a couple of other employees that they (the 3 Officers) were looking for Harold Krieg, and then the 3 Officers told the manager, owner, etc. that Harold Krieg is a trouble maker. What Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Officer Smith and his 2 fellow Officers did was defame me (Harold) so that I would get in trouble with the apartment complex manager and owner, and potentially get evicted.

          The Clark County (Nevada) District Attorney Steven Wolfson and Nevada Parole and Probation must have realized that they committed wrong-doings, and are desperate to try to stop me (Harold) from whistleblowing on them, that on April 3, 2015, at 10:33 a.m., 3 Las Vegas Police Officers knock on my apartment door. The 3 were dressed in black short sleeve sport shirts, beige long pants, and had their badges on their belts.  While I did see their badges, I cannot remember if they had guns. They were driving regular vehicles.  One identified himself as Officer Smith, the other 2 just stood there, leaning against the apartment building.  Officer Smith informed me that the Clark County D. A. is aware of my blog-site and is angry at the fact that I named names, office addresses and telephone numbers.  Officer Smith told me that the Clark County District Attorney (Steven Wolfson) want me to take down the blog-site. What the Officers and the Clark County District Attorney are feebly attempting to do is violate my 1st Amendment Rights of the United States Constitution – Freedom of Speech – Whistleblower Clause.  As long as I have my rights, this blog-site will stay up and inform people of the injustice that is allowed to continually go on in Nevada and Clark County.  In early March of 2016, I was informed that Officer Smith is Officer Gary Smith.

          Additionally, on April 3, 2015, at 10:33 a.m., these 3 Las Vegas Police Officers detained me for about a half hour as well as injured my First Amendment Rights - Freedom of Speech - Whistleblower Clause under the United States of America Constitution.  I was frightened that I would be arrested if I stepped out from my apartment doorway, or worse yet, since all I have seen on the news, lately, are stories about law enforcement officers who shoot innocent people in the back or beat up people, I would end up being shot or all 3 Officers would beat the crap out of me. See NRS 197.200 (1) (a and d).

          If I ended up getting shot or beaten by these 3 Officers, these 3 Officers were stick up for each other, and make it appear that they were justified in doing what they did.  And then, just like in other similar instances in Clark County, Nevada, no criminal charges would filed against them, and they would be free to keep on doing these crimes onto other innocent people.

          I still question, why if it bothered the Clark County District Attorney, did the D. A.'s office not send 1 of their employees to speak with me about this blog.  Why didn't the Clark County District Attorney Steven Wolfson come over and speak to me?  Why didn't the D. A. call Steven Crain's attorney (Steven Altig) to ask me.  Instead Clark County District Attorney Steven Wolfson and Nevada Attorney General Adam Paul Laxalt sends 3 Las Vegas Police Officers to my apartment.  3 against 1 is that fair.  These 3 Officers were sent to intimidate me, bully me, and possibly do harm to me.  After all Officer Michael VanDyke ultimately and essentially arrested Steven Crain, on September 4, 2014, because Officer VanDyke did not like the fact that Steven Crain was in the process of writing a tell-all, naming names book about the horrific injustices he (Steven) had and continues to endure for the last over 15 years, by Nevada Parole and Probation, Clark County District Attorney's office, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Officers, etc.

          Even, today, every time there is a knock on my door, I wonder if it is Officers who are going to arrest me because they do not like the fact that I am whistleblowing.

          Every time I see a Officer stop his/her car near my apartment, I cringe, wondering if I am going to be arrested for whistleblowing, although these Officer(s) would probably make up some lie as the reason for arresting me.

          How is it that if the scales of justice are balanced and justice is for all, that law enforcement officers are allowed to be above the law?

          On April 14, 2015, at 9 a.m., there was a court hearing, presided over by Clark County Eighth Judicial District Court Judge Jennifer Togliatti, regarding my blog site and the information it contains.  Clark County Deputy District Attorney Stacy Kollins stated in court, that she (Ms. Kollins) was ordered to file the Request by Nevada Attorney General Adam Paul Laxalt, and Clark County District Attorney Steven Wolfson, all because Nevada Parole and Probation Officer Michael VanDyke keeps hounding the District Attorney's office and the Nevada Attorney General's office. It needs to be noted that Deputy District Attorney Stacy Kollins filed this Request on or about 5 days before the April 14, 2015 hearing date.  And stupidly enough Ms. Kollins filed it against Steven Crain, when the District Attorney should have gone after me (Harold Krieg).  Wow, the Clark County District Attorney's office, Nevada Parole and Probation,, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, and the Nevada Attorney General's office must have nothing better to do then to listen to the ranting and ravings of lunatic Nevada Parole and Probation Officer Michael VanDyke, as he (VanDyke) continues his retaliation and vendetta against Steven Crain.  It appears that Nevada Parole and Probation Officer Michael VanDyke needs a psychiatrist, anger management therapy.

          Nevada Attorney General Adam Paul Laxalt's office address and phone number are 555 East Washington Avenue, Suite 3900, Las Vegas, Nevada 89101, 702-486-3420.

          Clark County, Nevada District Attorney Steven Wolfson office address and phone number are 200 Lewis Avenue, Las Vegas, Nevada 89101, 702-671-2500

          In many ways Michael VanDyke acts like a child.  He (VanDyke) feels if he (Michael VanDyke) nags and nags, people will just give in to him (VanDyke).  If things don't go his (VanDyke) way, he (VanDyke) will throw a tantrum.  One has to wonder if Michael VanDyke was like this as a kid.  Or is it that Michael VanDyke is a cross between a dictator and Adolf Hitler.

          Because of all of Clark County District Attorney Steven Wolfson, Deputy District Attorney Stacy Kollins, Nevada Attorney General Adam Paul Laxalt, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, Nevada Parole and Probation office, and Nevada Parole and Probation Officer Michael VanDyke, I am going to file a criminal report, against all of those just listed, with the F. B. I., the United States Attorney's office, and the United States Department of Justice for their crimes under 42 USC 14141, First Amendment - Freedom of Speech - Whistleblower Clause violations, Civil Rights violations, and other applicable causes of action.

          I found a great attorney (Cal J. Potter III, ESQ.). On Steven Crain's and my behalf, Mr. Potter filed a civil rights lawsuit in United States District Court - District of Nevada. The Defendants are The State Of Nevada, Parole Officer Michael VanDyke, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, Parole Officer Gary Smith, et. al. Some of the causes of action are * Defendants commit 1stAmendment - Freedom of Speech – Whistleblower Clause violations. * Defendants commit 4thAmendment violations. * Defendants commit 14thAmendment violations. * Defendants commit violations of constitutional rights. * Officer deliberately omitted important facts. * Officer made false statements/perjury. * Clark County, Nevada District Attorney committed malicious prosecution. * Arrest without probable cause. * False charges with a felony crime. * Denial of due process. * Wrongful imprisonment. * Unlawful detainment. * Officers and their bosses covering up violations of constitutional rights. * Officers and their bosses failing to properly investigate. * Officers and their bosses allowing, tolerating, and encouraging officer to commit wrongdoing. * Officers and the bosses failing to discipline poorly performing officers

          From the day actually innocent Steven Crain was arrested, on September 4, 2014 until late October 2015, the Clark County, Nevada District Attorney's office offered plea deals to Steven Crain, but since Steven was innocent, why would/should he plea to a crime he did not commit.

          On the morning of November 6, 2015, the day the trial was to start, Steven Crain and I went to court.  There we met up with Steven Crain's attorneys, Steven Altig and his law partner Paul Adras.  They told us they have good news.  So many thoughts ran through our minds.  Finally, both Mr. Altig and Mr. Adras told us that the night before (November 5, 2015) they received a telephone call from the District Attorney's office that they (D. A.) are dismissing the case against Steven Crain.  They (D. A.) even admitted they did not have a case against Steven Crain.  In Clark County, Nevada District Court Chief Judge David Barker's courtroom, the Deputy District Attorney, assigned to this case, said they (D. A.) are dropping the charges against Steven Crain and asked Judge Barker to dismiss the case.  Judge Barker did.

          Reports say that there is over-crowding in the Clark County Detention Center, on has to wonder how many actually innocent inmates have been wrongfully incarcerated because of Nevada Parole and Probation Officer Michael VanDyke.

          The more people that speak out about injustice, the less people will be victimized.

          Update - When 3 Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) officers were sent by Clark County, Nevada District Attorney Steven Wolfson, as a way to bully/intimidate Harold Krieg into deleting his blogsites, on April 3, 2015, at 10:33 a.m., the LVMPD officers secretly audio recorded the 30 minute conversation. Yet, when Harold Krieg's and Steven Crain's civil rights attorney (Cal J. Potter III) asked the LVMPD attorney for a copy of the audio recording, the LVMPD sent an audio of only approximately 1 1/2 minutes. The LVMPD editted out/deleted the middle approximately 28 1/2 minutes of the audio. This is not the first time LVMPD have editted out/deleted audio tape evidence. What is LVMPD hiding, the truth.

          Books, that I have written, are available, online, as will future books that I am currently writing.